Transition Mentors

A Day in the Life of a Transition Mentor

Derby Moor has a team of Transition Mentors to help new students make the transition from Primary school to Secondary school. These are year 8 and 9 pupils who have to apply for the position. Every year there are around 100 applications for 32 places on the team. The interview process is rigorous and every applicant has to attend an interview and prepare a presentation. This is then followed by a formal training programme.

Each Transition mentor is then attached to a group of year 6 children that they can support during the 3 day transition process.

It is a great opportunity for our students to grow in confidence and gain many additional skills for the future.

Here is what two of our Transition Mentors have to say about their experience.

My experience as a Transition Mentor by Kiera Redfern

I have been a transition mentor for 2 years; I had to attend a 2 hour training session which included many different scenarios we may have to face.

During my work being a transition mentor I have looked after year 5’s and 6’s on their days at Derby Moor, attended transition evening which includes taking parents for a tour around Derby Moor and looked after year 5’s when they attended the Derby Pride conference. I have gained many things during the 2 years but something I am most proud of is the ability to talk to new people I wouldn’t talk to normally, also talking with the children. I used to be quite shy and not very confident, but through Transition mentors I have become more confident and I am actually quite loud and bubbly now! Also before (during my first year) I wasn’t very active and involved with the children, but I have found that this year I have got involved a lot more and enjoyed it a lot more. An example of me talking to people I wouldn’t usually talk to was the transition mentors I was put with. I was put with two year eights who I had never met before, but we all managed to have a laugh on the day.

The children get a lot from having transition mentors too. It mostly takes away the stress of moving up to secondary school, as the older students are usually seen as mean and scary. But once they see us getting involved and having a laugh with the students they realise that we aren’t all that scary. Also we have had many year 5’s and 6’s saying that they have met new people and made new friends.

I would definitely recommend this to others as it is a great way to boost your confidence, have fun and meet new people. Also during transition mentors you get to help the year 5’s and 6’s and feel like you make a real difference within the school.

My experience as a Transition Mentor by Jack Brearley

As a transition mentor I have taken part in different activities ensuring the year 6’s have a smooth and stress free transition into secondary school.

Firstly, I took part in 3 days where the year 6’s visited Derby Moor to experience the lessons and to show the staff their ability across all of the subjects. I was put into a team with 2 other transition mentors (Gukiran and Simran) and we were together for all 3 days. All the transition mentors were allocated to a group of year 6’s who they had to look after. They took them around the school, helping them to experience lessons and take part in CAT tests.

On the Tuesday night, we had a Transition Evening. On this evening, we answered any questions or concerns that the parents/carers had. We also took parents on a tour around the school answering questions they had about the school.

Finally, we took year 5’s to the University Of Derby. They had 3 lessons and again, they were split into groups of around 25 and were allocated to 2 or 3 transition mentors.

I think all the days we spent with the year 6’s and 5’s went very well. Everyone supported all the younger children with respect and helped however they could. I also think that the primary school children showed great respect to all the transition mentors and treated us as they would treat their teachers.

I have gained teamwork skills as we had to work as a team to keep the children safe and together. I have also expanded my communication skills as we talked a lot to the other mentors to make sure everyone was together. We also used communication skills when talking to parents and children about the school and insuring that they would be safe at their new school.

I definitely would recommend being a transition mentor as you will gain a lot of skills, make new friends and also feel good about yourself as you have helped the year 6’s have a better life in secondary school. The transition mentors play a big part in the moving up process, and if everything goes well you will certainly feel happy that you have helped out.